Article: Supplier authorisation

Tip: Theese pages are here for our domestic car industry representatives, as a breef script for describing recent way to become huge western car companies supplier


Zvezdan Marković,
Blue Q Point, Beograd

Summary: Global car industry has embaded ISO 9000 standard, expanding it during 90-ies with standards VDA in Europe, and QS 9000 in America. Until the end of 90-ies, forfilling requirements of QS 9000 was sufficient for formal qualification for car industry supplier authorisation. In the begening of new century new specification, TS 16949 was developted, witch is taking place of VDA and QS 9000, expanded with new requirements, concerning ISO 14000 standard requirements, documentation exchange, logistics etc. and specialy improvements tools. Component producers in our country are steel present mostly on domestic poor market, suffering all consecvencies, aware of their inconcurency. Turning strategy to western car markets, incuding impementation of TS 16949, they are doing though radical move, good for all interested parties. Bussiness events in Estern Europe are showing us that something like this is not only posible, but even unavoiding, if you are surviver.

Key words: ISO 9000, QS 9000, VDA, TS 16949, supplier authorisation, car producer, improvements tools