FSC&PEFC chain of custody, forest keepers and sale catalisators

Zvezdan Marković, dipl.ing. – Blue Q Point – Manager

Summary: Saving forest is goal for many international organisation, reffering to a lot of activities inside environmental movement. As a major entity, among others, forest and chain of custody certification scheme have appeared, providing formal waranty that wood based product have origin from sustainable managed forest, e.g. have no contraversal sourse as an origin. Additional benefit is opportunity to promote certified products, gaining some advance to other competitors. There are several certification (and labeling) schemes, but FSC and PEFC covered most of the certicated forest and certicated chain of custodies, they established their own standards with requirements for certification, with a lot of similarities between them, but also with some differences. Standards implementation provides certification, establishment of the management system, raw material identification, control systems (transfer, percentage, credit), finaly resulting in product claims (declarations) and labels, as formal origin waranty.

Key words: forest, sustainable forest management, contraversal sources, FSC, PEFC, standards, certification, claims, declaration, labels