Agency owner

ZMarkovicZvezdan Marković was born in Belgrade 1959.
He lives in Belgrade, with his doughter Nadja and his wife, Dr Vesna Janičić Marković.
He has mastered on Mechanical Faculty in Belgrade 1986.

He was emploee of IMR (diesel engines & tractors industry, 3.000 emplees at the time), Belgrade, from 1987. to 2003. IMR carieer was from engeneer to divison, department chief and quality manager for 10 years. In 1997. he has assigned to be IMR quality manager, leading the ISO 9000 implementaion project. After successfull certification both by the domestic (YUQS) and swiss (SQS) certification bodies, he was quality manager during three certification periods from 1998. to 2006.

In the world of ISO 9000 he entered in the early 90-ties. He has his first formal training on one week Audit course, conducted by ANSI&RAB Lead assessore for ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 Dr Paul Andre, organized by FON Organisation Faculty, in Belgarde, 1995. Next formal training was similar course, following ISO 9000:2000 transition, conducted also by Dr Paul Andre, organized by his education company AQE, in Belgrade, 1999., Certificate No.: CC010706-Y2K-05. Next course on Quality Management Systems ISO 9000:2000, was Lead Auditor accredited to ANSI&RAB (Registrar Accreditation Board, USA, Certificate No.: 040927QLA-03), at the end of 2004. Formal qualification was updated in 2009. with 5-days IRCA EMS Lead auditor training course (Euroquality, Nigel Bauer & Associates), followed by EMS Auditor diploma (Certificate No.: EMS/2009/1089), as well as in 2010. with 5-days IRCA BS OHSAS Lead auditor training course (Euroquality, Excel Partnership), followed by OHSAS Auditor diploma (Certificate No.: A17225, Ex85:1020, transfered to ISO 45001, by TUV SUD Akademie, August 2018). Further update, supported by USAID, happend as 2-days consulting training for FSC/PEFC (VII 2009., by BM Trada), and also 2-days FSC Auditor training (II, 2010., also by BM Trada), that results in FSC Lead Auditor status. Since 2017 he is also IATF 16949:2016 Auditor (SGS), as well as VDA 6.3 Process auditor (TQM, under licence of VDA QMC). In automotive, he is also conducting VDA 6.3 Process audits, eighter as internal, or external. All together, about 590 audits habe been conducted.

Zvezdan Marković consider important his informal expirience:

– as quality manager in IMR supplier authorisation for british engine producer Perkins, Peterborough, from 1996 to 1998;
– as a consultant for japaneese company Daido metal Kotor (Montenegro), domestic bearing producer, inclouding first ISO 9000, and than QS 9000 and TS 16949 implementation, as a part of supplier authorisation for british brunches of companies Ford and Honda (2002-2003). This company was the first one reach TS 16949 certificate in the country, SCG, bz austrian certification body ÖQS;
– as strategic management consultant, involved in EAR project of Institutional Capacity Building Project in the Transport Sector Serbia, in cooperation with swedesh consulting company AF Group (2005.-2006.);

Zvezdan Marković was registrated national ISO 9000 assessore since 1999., and also work as assessor for domestic and international certification body YUQS ((146 audits), as Lead QMS Auditor, Lead EMS Auditor and Lead OHSAS Auditor). Since 2004. he was also QMS audior (5 audits) on contarct for american certification body in Belgrade, AQA. Since 2009. he is also QMS, EMS and OHSAS Auditor (7 audits), for french certificacion body Bureau Veritas. Since 2010. he is also FSC CoC Lead Auditor (3 audits), for british certificacion body BM Trada. Since 2011. he is Lead QMS, EMS, OHSAS and FSC Auditor for TMS CEE, partner of TUV SUD, with 490 audits so far. Part of the trainings are done in partnership with TMS Academy (unit of TMS CEE).

Zvezdan Marković is also certified LSS MBB (Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt), accreditated by holland TLSSSC, under IASSC accreditation. With TLSSC there have been a list of trainings, project coaching, Kaizen event facilitating and consulting, in Serbia, and abroad.

Part of his experience he was presenting as articles. He has published 12 articles in domestic quality magazine “Kvalitet” (“Quality”)/FQCE (1998., 2008., 2009.), national quality conferences organized by national quality organisation YUSQ (1999., 2002., 2008.), Automotive industry association quality conferences PUPDVS (2004., 2006., 2008.), etc.

Since 2018, within ATS, Accreditation body of Serbia, expert, member of Comitee for auditors and quality managers.

In the begening of 2008. he also started partnership with austrian college Darko Radišić, owner of the company Rading group, Graz, Austria., with idea to offer education, support and consalting for TS16949, resulting with first pack of 6 traings (FAS) and first consulting service (Sinter). As part of this partnership and after specific training, Zvezdan Marković became certified TS16949 trainer, by Rading group. Also, part of this partnership was involvment as part of MAGNA STEYR support for J11 Project of BMW Brilliance (April-May 2014.), as quality automotive expert.

From June of 2000. he is owner of “Blue Q Point” Agency.