Lean, toyota production aprouch, production base of the TS16949

lean01_vZvezdan Marković, dipl.ing. – Blue Q Point – General Manager

Resume: LEAN aprouch, successor of the Kaiesen method, is build in TS16949 requirements, sometimes as explicite requirement. LEAN is fine tuning method for production systems. There are three LEAN aspects: waste aspect (8 waste types, appropriate for the method undrestanding), mapping aspect (moving materials on the lay out, with proper labels and evaluations) and perfomance aspect (10 LEAN specific perfomances for evaluations of the production system). LEAN implementation is 5 phases process. Companies without prior experience are reccomended to use LEAN Jump Start concept, that contains site audit by multidisciplinary team, using 10 questionaire for 10 atributs, each one with 6-8 questions and with 0-4 grades for each question. Following radar chart shows atribut score summary and reveals production system weaknesses, that should be improved by the following action plan, with enhaced visuelisation of the whole system.

lean02_vKey words: LEAN, TOYOTA, production, aprouch, improvement, TS16949, wastes, mapping, prefomances, audit, radar chart, action plan, visuelisation